Three Reasons Why You’ll Love Divinely Designed

Dear friend,

I may not know you, but I bet I know you. You love your {home} and you want it to be beautiful. You have an idea of what you want it to look and feel like, but getting it there is overwhelming. Darling friend, I see you—drowning in analysis paralysis when it comes to making the design magic happen. There’s chaos in selecting paint colors, choosing the perfect hardware, perusing seemingly endless lighting options, and let’s not even talk about wrangling a minor anxiety attack in the middle of a home decor store!

Do not worry—I get you and I’ve got you! As a professional interior designer, I have 15 years of experience in serving clients just like you. You see, designing and decorating a beautiful home comes easy to me and I’m happy to share all that I know. I want you to love your home and I want to teach you how to curate it in a way that beautifully reflects you and your family. That’s where this gorgeous book comes in.

Here are a few things I’m excited to share with you:

1. Thousands of Hours of Professional Interior Design Advice

In Divinely Designed, I’ll be sharing Top Secret Intel from our most-loved client projects—including sources, paint colors, design tips and more! I’ll give you tips on how to make your home beautiful, but also meaningful.

2. Expert Building Tips

I’ve spent the last 15 years beautifying hundreds of homes in the Minneapolis area and have a wealth of information for you, whether you’re looking to renovate, build, DIY or simply decorate your home.

3. An Inside Look Into the Chaos

You may not know me, but if you do, you know that I wear my heart on my sleeve when sharing my work and my love for faith and family. In these pages I write openly and candidly about the reality of discovering beauty and function in my own home—all while surviving the chaos of being a mompreneur.

Whether you come to this book for the design details or for the testimony of faith, family, and home, you will be richly served. I can’t wait to share my story with you!



Founder of Beautiful Chaos®

Above is an excerpt from Divinely Designed: A Beautiful & Functional Home, Sarah’s debut book. Divinely Designed will be available to order early February 2020.

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Three Reasons Why You'll Love Divinely Designed