Making your home beautiful during COVID-19

If there’s ever been a time for your home to be a beautiful sanctuary, it is now ?

I have always worked to create spaces that curate beautiful lifestyles. In these next weeks, life at home, will be a lifestyle we all share. Here are 3 tips to create a beautiful home that lifts your spirits ?

1. Lift your spirits by bringing the outside in ?

It’s so good to simply step outside and remind yourself that the world is still going on and we will once again be connected to one another. When you step out, gather natural elements to bring cheer to your home interior. Often, I snip a few branches off of our trees—to add a splash of green to kitchen and bath counters. Even if leaves are not quite in bloom, the branches themselves bring a natural beauty to these spaces. Have fun using vases, pots and canisters that you already have. I promise these natural, sprightly changes will instantly lift your mood!

2. Let the beauty of food decorate your kitchen!

During this time spent at home, I’ve been involving our entire family in the kitchen. We’ve had several evenings cooking together—we are having fun and the kids are learning a few things! Though during the day, it’s every man for himself…lol! I’m trying to keep fresh fruits and veggies out in plain sight, so the chaos grabs for healthy snacks each day! With that, I love how beautifully fresh foods have decorated our kitchen. Often, when I style kitchens for our project photo shoots, I arrange fruits and veggies on wooden platters or in beautiful pottery (if there’s a time to use the fancy bowls to brighten up life, it is now!)

3. Create cozy spaces that remind you it’s okay to take this time to rest ?️

I can’t help but see some beauty in all this chaos of at-home isolation. On the bright side, we have been given time to truly rest, reflect and reset. Most of our lives were filled with chaos long before COVID-19. My hope is that through this trying time, we are challenged to evaluate the chaos we were dysfunctionally functioning in, prior to quarantine. May we learn the peaceful pace we were actually created to thrive in—a new and sustainable pace—where we work from the place of rest. After all, we are human BEings, not human doings.
There is a phrase that has become one of my life’s most familiar adages, “The only way out, is through.” Let’s go through this time at home well ?

Sending all my love and compassion,



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