Make Your Home Feel Like a Lake Home

Whether you own a lake home, or simply want to make your home feel like a lake home, I got you! Design is all about lifestyle—this is one of my most favorite styles to create vibes that result in invitation, relaxation and sophistication.  I’m dishing up all my tricks to make the design magic of this classic, American look happen!

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1. Start with a classic color scheme.

A nautical color scheme is the most important and easiest way to create that beautiful lake home look & feel.

I love to use a deep water color trio: navy blue, gray and white. Intermixed with various interior design elements (more on that next), these three coastal shades tie the knot on anchoring the perfect palette. I use these colors in decor items large and small—like furnishings and decor accents. I also slip in the subtle backup color of sand here and there.

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2. Thoughtfully incorporate texture.

This is really fun. When you think of the lake or coast, the water is surrounded by so many natural textures. I love to stretch this natural beauty into the interior design. I love to incorporate white oak hardwood floors (with a clear water-based finish) that have and will stand the test of time—much like driftwood you would find on the beach.

In addition to that, I love to incorporate natural stone elements, like granite and marble that reflect the tones of the coast. A Carrara marble backsplash is a beautiful way to reflect watery tones. To soften things up, I bring in natural textures like grass, with jute rugs and woven light fixtures.

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3. Suggest relaxation with comfortable furnishings.

You want this style to draw you in—to suggest that you stay awhile and breathe in the fresh sea air while a little sand clings to your feet. So your furnishings should be durable, but comfortable.

I love slipcovered sofas and all the things they stand for! They look tailored and timeless—yet are comfortable and washable. It’s a perfect mix of relaxation and sophistication. Paired with worn woods & patterned accents, white slipcovered furnishings set sail every time.

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4. Balance casual and worn with a bit of fancy.

There’s something about a new, shiny boat tied up to a water-worn dock that paints a beautiful picture of memory-making summer days—memories made before sinking in the sand with memories that are yet to be made. I love to tangibly design lake homes in this same exact way. Thoughtfully, I love to blend old, salvaged pieces with new, shiny items. Have fun thinking outside of the box.

In this project, I utilized limited pantry space by using an old dresser for the beverage station. We installed custom made shelves & purchased metal racks to complete the function and beauty. As you peruse online for new, also take a meander through Craigslist and Etsy for old items that have a chance for a new story ✨

Looking for more sources to design your lake home? We divulged so many secrets and sources about our Hamptons-Style Lake Home (pictured above) in our book, Divinely Designed: A Beautiful & Functional Home. Order here!

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