How to Create a Cozy, Neutral Home

We’ll forever be swooning over cozy, neutral spaces. They bring a sense of calmness that we all seem to be craving in today’s chaotic world. Below I shared one of our most recent stylings and shared some tips and sources so you can create beautiful spaces, too!

1. Add Warmth Through Furnishings

In order to create a balanced, natural feel, it’s important to start with a base of neutral furnishings with warm finishes. The antique brass in this floor lamp and the rattan materials in these living and dining room chairs bring touches of warmth to the space.


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2. Incorporate texture

Woven texture can bring the entire room together. Add knitted pillows to spaces that need a touch of softness, and opt for a woven cream rug in larger spaces like your living room or dining room. Placing pampas grass as a centerpiece is a great way to add a touch of neutral earthiness to your space as well!


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3. Add Contrast

Finally, add contrast to your space! You can do this with painted black trim or black windows, mixed-metal pieces (such as a chandelier or side table), and earthy touches like an artificial olive tree.

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