{ Black } is the new black: Our Favorite Black Paint Colors

{ Black } is the new black. A few years ago, I was obsessed with painting everything black… furniture, railings, walls, shiplap… you name it! Ironically, this is when everyone else was painting the world white. Sure, I’ve got my fair share of drinking the whole “all-white kool-aid” thing going on, but I am SO excited that black is now on point and considered a leading trend ?

Last week, we shared some of our favorite projects that incorporate our favorite black paint colors. Ya’ll went and broke the internet with your questions and responses ? So! Guess what? The squeaky wheel gets the oil and we are divulging our two favorite black paint colors. EnJOY!

1. ‘Prairie Smoke’ by Magnolia

If you are looking for the perfect, soft black, almost chalkboard-like, you can depend on our girl Joanna Gaines. We are obsessed with the muted black she has incorporated in her paint line and you will often see it in our projects! Paired with medium wood tones & metals, this black is definitely smoking!

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2. ‘Mopboard Black’ by Benjamin Moore

If your hopes are to go even darker, maybe a bit moodier, this black will not disappoint. This has been one of my go-to blacks for the last five years and I never tire of it. When paired with our go-to whites, it is the yin to their yang. The contrast is divine. Additionally, this is the black I use with light wood tones.

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So there you go! Black is timeless and beautiful!

*note: none of the links above are affiliate links. We do not earn commission from this post.

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