3 Reasons to Incorporate Salvaged Materials into Your Home

If you know us at Beautiful Chaos®, you’ll know that us gals handle the design side of things, while the Beautiful Chaos Renovations guys squash the implementation of our (sometimes out-there) ideas. During this process, we all work together to come up with new, innovative ways to truly set our projects apart from other homes. Oftentimes, you’ll see us strategically use salvaged and found materials in our new and beautiful projects.

But where do we find these materials, you ask? Not only do we have our local Minnesota hotspots that we frequent, but we also travel cross country in search of amazing goods! We hang on to sentimental furniture that is begging for us to repurpose it. We are also known to never turn down another man’s junk, saving it for its destiny as an incorporated treasure.

And, it just so happens that my husband Jayme and I are leaving tomorrow for our second annual U-Haul road trip! You can follow our chaotic shenanigans on our Instagram stories…make sure to tell us if you see any pieces that you like 😉

1. You Can Repurpose Special Furniture

Salvaged materials can bring special meaning to your home! In my own house, I have a few pieces from my childhood that I’ve transformed to create new memories. For example, here is my childhood dresser that I turned into my daughter’s bathroom vanity:

And I turned Jayme’s Grandmother’s dining buffet into my master bath vanity:

Repurposing these special pieces brings love and sentiment to our home, but with everyday functionality.

2. Your Home will Be One-of-a-Kind

Although this can apply to all salvaged materials, doors especially can bring a touch of uniqueness to a room. The guys especially “love” when I bring them old, salvaged doors and they have to make them work again.  Here are some of our favorite doors that we’ve found both locally and on our field trips!

1. The french door for my master bath shower
2. These doors that we used in our Pond Cottage project
3. The pantry and office doors for our award-winning Modern French Country project

3. You’ll Create Spaces That Are Rich in Character

Did you know that we found the metal in this custom-designed Pond Cottage kitchen hood in a muddy field?

It sure turned out beautiful! You can also tie a room together with antique decor pieces, like these mirrors and candlesticks. Oh and the mantel is salvaged, too!

Here are a few pieces of decor that I’ve been lucky to keep for my own home!

Architecturals and decor we found for my powder room:

A window I found in Texas:

Lighting, runner and furniture that I added to my kitchen:

My dining room table and lighting that I found in Texas:

Sometimes it can be challenging to look at something that’s old, or even dirty, and picture putting it in you bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. If you have trouble with this and would like help, we do offer interior design & styling services! Not to mention, we will have plenty of new pieces from our trip next week 😉

Did we convince you to try out salvaged materials in your home? Let us know in the comments below! XOXO!

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