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For Immediate Release: Beautiful Chaos Owners—Jayme & Sarah Martin officially launch business consulting services October 2021.

Though the Martins are best known for creating beautiful homes, it’s no secret that they wear their love for others brightly on their sleeves. Their truest passion permeates by seeing others live the beautiful lives that God has designed for them. They have unofficially had the privilege to be considered counsel for other business owners and couples. After much consideration and prayer, they are excited to introduce the official endeavor to offer business consulting & coaching services.

Who is this for?
Single Business Owners, Husband & Wife Team Owners, Multiple Partner Business Owners.

What services are offered?
Business Planning + Strategy, Leadership, Team & Process Development, Financials, Brand Personalization, Work + Life Balance and more.

Why do you need these services?
Sarah and Jayme understand more than anyone how owning a business can make your own life…well, not so beautiful. They struggled through chaos—until they learned strategic ways to wrangle it all. There IS a way to have an amazing business and an amazing life! They’ve got the answers and want to share them with you. 🤍

Interested in hearing more about our consulting services? Sign up here.

About Jayme & Sarah:
Jayme leads Beautiful Chaos with 25 years experience in both corporate & entrepreneurial leadership. His business acumen is shared on a daily basis within the construction industry and beyond. Sarah is the founder and brand ambassador for Beautiful Chaos and teaches customer service that exceeds expectations. Together, they are a husband and wife team that place marriage & family in front of all. Life is beautiful.

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