The Schmidts, A Chaos Story

We love getting to know our clients. Truly, this is how we develop the inspiration for the design, build & lifestyle we get to help curate for them. This is why we love our job! Early on, during the design process, we give each project a name that tells a bit of the renovation story. It’s special to our clients and based on why they asked for change!

Welcome to the story of the ?Christmas Tree Room?

Last year, we sat down with a couple raising four beautiful babes. They had purchased a newer home, but it was missing an important space. They wanted a main floor family room that had a cozy fireplace and was big enough to fit a sectional that they could all snuggle up on. Also, momma bear really wanted this new space to be big enough to fit their Christmas tree…she mentioned that a few times. As we designed the plans for this new family room addition, we decided to call it the ‘Christmas tree room.’

The addition, which we completed just in time for the holidays, has turned out beautiful❣️ There is a cozy fireplace and a slipcovered sectional sofa. Rustic barnwood beams, white painted brick and the most perfect metal chandelier. Take a peek, and you’ll see that it’s all decked out for Christmas ?It has been so humbling to help this family ❤️ Below, read Megan Schmidt’s experience with the renovation!

Note: Tracy Karwoski of Tracy Jean Photography took these gorgeous photos! Learn more about Tracy and how to stylize for Holiday card photoshoots on our blog >


What is the story behind the “Christmas Tree Room?” Why did you seek out a renovation?

Megan Schmidt: In 2014, when I was nine months pregnant with baby #4, we were on the search for a new home as we had sold our 2 bedroom townhome in a neighboring town. We were blessed to find a beautiful 2 story home that had just been built in a neighborhood we had been so hopeful to make home.  There were so many things that made this home a great fit for our family but the main floor living room and dining room were fairly small. With a family of six, we knew eventually we would need to figure out a solution. We had talked about adding a 3 or 4-season porch at some point to add some square footage to our floor plan as a way to be more accommodating to our growing family as well as friends and family who would visit.

How did the project take shape over the course of the renovation? Does it look different than you originally imagined?

MS: When I reached out to the Beautiful Chaos team in the fall of  2017, little did I know how much this space would add to the function and coziness of our home! As my husband and I sat around the table with Jayme and Sarah, We (mostly me* ha!)  dreamt of creating a space to make memories with our family and a safe space to slow down and a place that would make Christmas the most memorable and sweet time for our kids!  I wanted a cozy & inviting space for not only our kids, but friends, family and neighbors too!

It looks different – only because I had such a blurred picture in my mind, I had thoughts and ideas, but no clear picture…. Sarah and the whole Beautiful Chaos Team brought this space to life for our family!


How has this affected your home life going forward? Any new memories so far?

MS: First of all, there is a space to have a beautiful Christmas tree!! Before this space came to be, we didn’t have a space to put the tree in which we weren’t tripping over it or it wasn’t hidden by furniture. We have already spent plenty of time in our new space. It’s a place of Hygge (my favorite word!) Sitting by the light of the tree and the fire on each evening. Each morning it a race between the kids to see who can get to the fireplace first, to turn it on, curl up and read or snuggle.  We look forward to endless movie nights, game nights, deep conversations and prayer with family and friends, and lots of joy and laughter.

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