The Ketterlings, A Chaos Story

Peek into the story behind one of our most recent renovations, Beautifully Becca!

Why did you choose to work with Beautiful Chaos?

I chose Beautiful Chaos because I had seen their amazing renovations on Instagram AND because they are members of our church! ?As soon as I spoke with Jayme and Sarah I knew they were the ones to trust with our project. They were so knowledgeable, friendly, sweet (Sarah!), and thorough.

What made you decide to renovate your home?

My husband and I are empty nesters and we had been looking at downsizing and moving into a town home. We loved looking at all the new construction models with beautiful white kitchens (something I had always wanted) but the prices were so high. We found that we could buy a new townhome with half the size of our 5 bedroom home for the same price! So we decided to stay in our home and remodel instead.

What are you looking forward to having the most with this renovation?

The biggest thing I am looking forward to in my new kitchen is the brightness that it will bring to our home! From the brown wood and dark countertops to white cabinets and sparkling quartz countertops, I know it’s going to bring a smile to my face every morning ?

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