The Cullinans, A Chaos Story

Meet The Cullinans! 

We recently presented our remodeling plans for this sweet couple. ? Their new home is going to be GORGEOUS! We just can’t wait for Chaos (demo) Day later this month!

Why did you decide to renovate your home?

Katie Cullinan: My hubby Shane and I were touring this home interested in buying it and actually asked Sarah to join us to see if Beautiful Chaos could see renovating it into something amazing. 😉

Why did you choose to work with Beautiful Chaos™?

We toured your other home, “Hidden Hillside” and Fell. In. Love. It was like walking into a design dream world.

If you didn’t get a chance to see Hidden Hillside — check it out! See Award-Winning Farmhouse Rebuild >

What were you looking for in a home renovation company?

We wanted to work with a company that was made up of good people. Period. People you could trust, who cared deeply for their clients and had a passion to serve. We knew instantly Beautiful Chaos was for us because we actually yearned to spend more time with everyone we met. Yes, they’re the real deal!!

What has the design and layout process been like?

Great. We had Sarah and Jayme tour the home a few times and communication whether that be via meeting, email, call or text has always been open so they could plan for a great remodel. Then it was project presentation day!

What are you most excited to change in your house and why?

We’re both most excited to bring a fresh update to this sweet old (new to us!) farmhouse that has good bones. We can’t wait to brighten it up and make it our own but still keep its little quirks and personality. We’re especially excited to add a mud room and have a center island that will allow for more seating which only means more fun, laughter and love as that always seems like the space for everyone to come together. We can hardly wait!

Thank you to Katie Cullinan for sharing the Cullinans’ story! We’re excited to get going on this project — make sure to follow along!

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