Texas Road Trip Finds

Why do we take these crazy Beautiful Chaos road trips? Well, we like to do creative things that nobody else is doing! So we travel the country and hand-pick unique goods to make clients’ homes special. Not to mention, this husband and wife team truly loves hanging out together…even if it’s in a noisy U-Haul truck driving cross-country! Here’s a roundup of our 2019 trip. There was so much chaos and beauty!

Day one: Austin, Texas

Jayme started with loads of enthusiasm to go along with my crazy schemes for the day ? We were dropping off the rental car in Austin and headed to Round Top to start filling the truck. But somehow, I lost him. I was driving the truck and he was walking after dropping off the rental car. The navigation on our phones had us in circles trying to find each other. At some point, we figured out that an 8’ concrete retaining wall separated us. Not sure how we did it, but we were reunited ??

Finally, we made it to Round Top and started with my favorite spots! If you know me, I love mixing old with new, so I’m all about digging for salvaged in the muddy fields and perusing new merchandise at vendors like Paul Michael in Market Hill. We found some of my favorite treasures that first day!

This primitive jelly cabinet had a really fair price on her and she won the title of first purchase! I’m thinking of incorporating her as a Linen cabinet in one of our new builds.

I LOVED these canvases! I grabbed a few and will be incorporating them in client projects and placing one in my own home ❤️

The first day, the 20’ U-Haul felt so empty!

We ended the day with scoring two brand-new bath vanities made from salvaged wood! The pictures do not do them justice!!!! They are gorgeous!!!

Day Two: Round Top, Texas

I knew a vendor that I had visited and loved last year, so I wanted to get there right away as this is where I would most quickly fill up the truck! I pretty much walked around and pointed…maxing out one of our credit cards in 45 minutes ? I couldn’t help myself…such GREAT stuff!!!!!

And sooooo much more!!!!! You guys, I wish I would have gotten there a few days before! But, guess what?!!! Many of these items will soon be featured on our website and YOU can pick your favorites for your very own home ?

Day three: Round Top, Texas

I was definitely on a mission to find beautiful salvaged doors for our inventory! If you follow us, you’ll see that one of our trademarks is incorporating salvaged doors for pantry doors and barn doors ? We have actually been doing this since 2004, believe it or not! We are smitten that it is a well loved trend right now ?? Here are some the beauties that made it into the truck.

We ended a super fun day at a small town cafe that had the BEST homemade chicken noodle soup! On top of that, each table had its own Original IQ game and I taught Jayme to play for the first time! How did he travel the Earth for 43 years and never play this game?!

Day four: last day in Round Top Texas

Our last day in Round Top consisted of snagging some final fantastic finds and something for our own home. I had walked by this garden trellis a few times and loved it so very much! BUT! We had come to shop for our clients and I was being pretty good about not coveting things for my own home. This sweetie had my heart though! Jayme saw how much I loved it and turned back to go buy it. His love is humbling ❤️ It took three cowboys to load it in our already full U-Haul.

Day five: driving up through Texas and hitting up random spots!

We started the drive up from Texas and stopped into a few of my favorite spots along the way. Although the truck was already FULL, we were able to squeeze in a few more items, including some awesome light fixtures. We took in so many so quickly, that we didn’t quite get photos of them all, but you will be seeing them very soon in some projects that we are just finishing up

Yes, we did pass through Waco and yes, we did run into Magnolia for a few minutes! That was after we had arrived at the pool and jumped in for a few minutes. As we were walking into Magnolia, my hair was dripping wet and I had just said to Jayme, “I don’t even care what I look like, it’s not like we are going to see anyone we know!” And bam! I walked straight into a Minnesota friend ? What are the chances ??‍♀️

From there, we drove to Kansas City and stayed in a less-than-stellar hotel for the night. I’m pretty sure the electrical was not quite to code. The next morning, we survived the life-threatening shower and got on the road to drive to our babies!!!

Still happily married ❤️

It was so good to pull in and hear that sweet voices!! It was a great trip, but there is no place like home!

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