Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom with Modern Vibes

Obviously, spring break trips did not happen this year. Instead, we’ve learned to embark on short adventures to various rooms in our homes—realizing that we want our homes to be both peaceful and beautiful.

I want your master bathroom to be just that! A beautiful room you can retreat to—a place to soak away the stress of these uncertain days.

I’m bringing you through the design details of our latest master bath renovation and hope you can be inspired to make your own bathroom just as beautiful!

Let custom cabinetry take center stage

If you know Beautiful Chaos well, you know that custom-designed cabinetry sets the stage for each of our projects. When designing bathrooms, I want the cabinetry to be super functional for our clients, but also be a beautiful showstopper.

For a modern-spa like feel, we used clear white oak to construct the vanity and adorned it with simple black hardware. Atop this beauty, lays a gorgeous slab of extra thick quartz {Meridian Gray} and matte black faucets that thoughtfully play with the hardware. The look is completed with extra tall custom made mirrors and glitzy modern sconces from Shades of Light.

Source: Knobs

Experiment with Lines and Curves

Another detail that added so much beauty to this bathroom was the mix of straight lines and unexpected curves. The floor, a linear luxury vinyl tile (laid in a herringbone pattern) with dark grout displays a subtle, yet sultry look—balanced with the femininity of an arched white oak door.

Alright, come all the way in—I can’t wait to show you the rest of this beautiful retreat!

Adding Spa Vibes

I hope your master bathroom can be one of your most favorite places to be to unwind during these trying times.
Sending all my love!
– Sarah
For more tips from Sarah on how to decorate and style your home, you can now purchase Sarah’s first interior design book: Divinely Designed: A Beautiful & Functional Home.

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