The Mielkes, A Chaos Story

We’re so excited to unveil the Mielke’s California-inspired renovation! Read the Mielke’s Chaos Story below to learn more about their family and why they chose to work with our chaos.

Beautiful Chaos Testimonial
A “Chaos” Selfie!
What made you decide to renovate in the first place?

We bought our home back in 2012 from the original owner. He built it in 1956 and added an addition in 1962 to accommodate his growing family — 8 kids, whew! The home was in desperate need of updates, we’re talking pink bathtub and tile in the bathroom and dark wood walls with yellow lighting and a “Mad Men” style bar in the great room. But, we saw the potential and had a vision for the house. We just loved the quiet neighborhood and lake across the street. The problem is we didn’t have time to do much with the outdated house before we started growing our own family. Plus, we didn’t really know how to make the vision come to life, there were so many moving parts. Cue Beautiful Chaos…they are making that vision a reality.

We told Sarah that family function was top priority followed by a big ‘ol kitchen. We love to grow fresh produce in our gardens, harvest our own honey from our beehive and cook delicious meals for friends and family, so this new space is exactly what we need. This is our “forever” home and will raise our boys here for years to come, it’s awesome to envision them sitting at the new kitchen island doing homework and hanging their backpacks up in the new mudroom.

What were you searching for in a renovation?

Quality, detailed work. Functional plan. Classic design. Wanted someone who could look at the “big picture” and execute a plan from start to finish, perhaps even come up with a “phase one” and “phase two.” Also, very important that we give our business to good people who we trust.

Mielkes Beautiful Chaos Testimonial
A “beautiful” picture of the Mielkes!
Why did you choose to renovate with Beautiful Chaos™?

Sarah’s style is classic and beautiful. Equally important, she keeps family function top of mind when designing a space. We have a 3-year-old (Wyatt) and 1-year-old (Winston) so embracing the “beautiful chaos” is definitely what we’re all about. 

Are you happy with the results so far?

Yes! Working with Jayme and Sarah has been great, they are good people. We’re impressed with their ability to look at the big picture, them come up with a plan; all while paying attention to details and keeping a design theme in mind.

The planning process has been smooth…and fun! Reviewing cabinet designs and picking out countertops could be stressful, but Sarah offers her expertise and guides you in the right direction, all while keeping things enjoyable.

Plus, our onsite contact, Jake, is so nice. We’re living in our home (in the basement!) during this renovation and he has been so considerate of our space throughout it all. He is very focused on keeping things as functional and clean as possible.

-Rebecca Mielke

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