A Chaos Story — I Sink I’m In Love Now

We recently began a new project that we aptly named, “I Sink I’m in Love Now!” Read below to learn more about the incredible family behind the renovation!

I Sink I’m in Love Now

What’s the story behind your home?

Jill: We have lived in our home for over five years. We bought it thinking it would be our ‘forever home’, the one we would stay in until all of our kids were grown. Our oldest two kids were 2.5 and 10 months old when we moved in, and our third wasn’t born yet. We’ve tackled a few renovation projects since we moved in to make the house better suit our family, but there were a few issues with our layout that made us start looking at other homes. That left us with mixed feelings because we LOVE our neighborhood and location. The more homes we looked at, the more we realized we could create the space we need and be able to stay on our cul-de-sac, on our private lot, with a park just steps outside our door. But we knew we’d need some help realizing the vision with this renovation.


What are you most looking forward to with this renovation?

J: We are really hoping to create a cozy modern farmhouse feel in our home. It’s a style we have started to create, but didn’t have a name for before. 🙂 We wanted to be careful about going too far over the farmhouse line since we don’t actually live IN a farmhouse. We’re so excited to have a large open space for our family to continue to gather comfortably as the kids grow. We’re looking forward to having a dining space big enough for our whole family (plus a small army at our giant island!) And more storage space for ALL THE SNACKS our kids like to eat. 😉

We’re so excited for their renovation! Stay tuned on our Instagram for project updates!

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