Beautiful Business — How to Select Kitchen Appliances feat. Warners’ Stellian

When we’re renovating, we always try to direct clients on a few things before they select appliances that they love. Here are a few of tips to help you with your next kitchen remodel — learn four tips on how to select kitchen appliances below!

How to Select Kitchen Appliances in the modern french country home

1. Try to place the microwave in the least visible place.

Typically, this is on the back side of the center island. We tell clients to select a “drawer” microwave and place it in a lower cabinet. It’s super easy and comfortable to use!

2. Take time to select your hood vent.

Selecting the appropriate size range & compatible hood vent is a big deal! We want to make sure we are working with the appropriate air flow for the home’s existing air exchange, or if we need to include a new air exchange into the project. Our go-to kitchen appliance store, Warners’ Stellian, always helps our clients understand which appliances will work best for their project & home based on the direction we have given them.

3. Don’t be afraid of paneling, or other awesome-sauce styling choices!

The Eichers wanted both the refrigerator & dishwasher to be paneled. We love this look! But, don’t be fooled, there are AWESOME appliances behind the custom panels. We were all jellybeans when we opened up their refrigerator…there was SO MUCH space for a family of five!!

The Eichers in their new kitchen.
4. If possible, make sure you discuss your options with appliance specialists.

When we were helping the Eichers pick out appliances for their new kitchen, we recommended working with a local family business, Warners’ Stellian. It’s easy to get wrapped up in designing a home solely for looks, but you have to remember that homes need to be functional. Stoves need to cook multiple things. Dishwashers need to actually dry the dishes. Refrigerators need to hold lots of food. These simple concepts aren’t always delivered in today’s appliances. But the knowledgeable staff at Warners’ Stellian always directs our clients to models that do ‘all the things’ without sacrificing quality or design. On top of that, they have ten stores in the area, making it easy for us to help our clients find items nearby.

We really enjoy working with these incredible people. ? We know how chaotic running a family business can be, so we really appreciate their hard work in helping keep our clients happy!

Want to learn more about Warners’ Stellian? Check out their Facebook, Instagram and blog!

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