Top 3 Rooms We Design + Build for Entertaining

{Home} becomes the best place to be when we share it with the people we love most! We love helping our clients create spaces that welcome family and friends for all of life’s special occasions. As we are approaching the holiday season, we wanted to gift you all sorts of design & decorating tips to run the ranks of hostess with the mostest

Here are our 3 favorite rooms that are sure to give a warm welcome!

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The Entryway

First impressions are everything. Well…not everything, but they are important. Your entry way is typically the first space your guests step into and the first impression of where they will be spending a small portion of their life. So, welcome them in warmly. In fact, if there is any word I would choose to describe how your entry way should feel — it would be warm.

1. Add warmth and texture to your entryway with a cozy area rug.
This time of year, it is fun to use rugs with deep, seasonal colors. Here are some of my favorites:

2. Make your guests feel immediately at home. Place a beautiful bench for them to sit on and remove their shoes. Add a couple cute pillows to the bench for added warmth  I did a little shopping for you — here are some beautiful bench options:

and a few options so they can hang their coat:

The Kitchen & Dining Room

It just isn’t a party without food. With that, the kitchen & dining room (also being the heart of the home) become the most frequented spaces to where your guests feel most at home. When we design + build for clients, we make sure to leave ample room for gathering around a large center island — as well as a dining area that is not disconnected from the kitchen. So, whether guests prefer to stand or sit, they all can be together!
1. Here are some of my favorite seating options for your dining table:

2. Here is beautiful decor for your dining table:

3. Here are a few beautiful touches to decorate the rest of your kitchen (we love pops of greenery!):

Dish Towels:


Butler’s Pantry

Although it would be nice to have a real-life butler to help serve your guests (you know, the ones who wear black suits and offer fancy appetizers on golden platters), that is not the reality for most of us. So, when we can, we design + build hardworking butler’s pantries to help our clients with kitchen chaos while entertaining. This is a space (especially created) for the overflow of food, drinks and the small appliances needed for making & serving both. We also want the butler’s pantry to look beautiful!

Here are a few ways to decorate amidst the chaos:

{ Home } for the holidays — there is no better place to be ❤️

Photos from our Award-Winning Farmhouse Rebuild, Hidden Hillside >

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