Freshen Up Your Modern Farmhouse Style Home

Our top tips to freshen up your modern farmhouse style home ✨


It’s safe to say, modern farmhouse style may have been the biggest design trend of our time! However, with any GOAT (greatest of all time), the magic evolves—it matures—while still displaying proof of its legendary fame.

So! Don’t go tearing out the shiplap—or anything crazy like that! Let’s simply change a few things up—to bring your modern farmhouse a new, contemporary vibe.

1. Switch out smaller accent pieces of furniture. 

Thank goodness for Craigslist and Facebook marketplace! Within minutes, you can sell anything! My favorite way to switch things up, is to sell smaller pieces of furniture that I can replace with something totally different & new. Modernize your farmhouse by changing out those primitive, distressed pieces with sleek, straight-lined pieces. Notice how much of a difference switching out one console table made in our family room!

2. Add pops of COLOR to the neutral farmhouse pallet. 

Another awesome trick! You do not have to replace everything to achieve a whole NEW look. I love to freshen things up by simply adding in pops of color to an already gathered neutral palette. Look at how adding a vibrant rug and coordinating duvet cover transformed our master bedroom!

3. Replace light fixtures + mirrors.

Accent selections (such as light fixtures) are so fun to switch up over time. With a few hundred dollars, you can completely bring new life to a space. Again, try selling your existing fixtures on Craigslist or marketplace. Consider how we updated our master bathroom, simply by switching out lighting & mirrors!

May your home be filled with peace & joy!

With love,


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