The Eichers, A Chaos Story


Our clients, the Eichers, recently shared their experience working with us. Read their Beautiful Chaos testimonial below.

The Eichers, A Chaos Story

“Thirteen years ago, Cory and I built and moved into ‘Our Perfect Home.’ The home we wanted to raise our family in. We were a family of three, almost four, when we moved into the house we made from scratch. Over the past thirteen years, we have grown into a family of five and have filled our home with friends, family, love, and endless memories. With that being said, ‘Our Perfect Home’ had become ‘Far from Perfect’ as our babies have grown bigger than us and the flow of our family has changed.

Moving to a new home at this stage of our lives was never an option. The thought of a major renovation was beyond frightening, especially after having two different builders come into our home to discuss our wants and wishes! And then, I stumbled across a BEAUTIFUL CHAOS postcard. I knew from that very moment, these were the people I had hoped and prayed would come into our lives to help us make our home ‘Perfect’ again.

We are now almost four months into our massive remodel….three months without a kitchen/kitchen appliances…three months without a main floor living area…three months of living literally out of our bedrooms and one fully functioning bathroom as a family of FIVE! What we once thought would be dreadful and impossible has been far from that with Sarah, Jayme, Steve and Josh leading the way.

Call us CRAZY… I may not disagree! This has been stressful and thrilling and everything in between. All memories we will hold onto, once we sit back and take in the BEAUTY of the CHAOS we survived in making our home ‘Perfect’ again.”

❤ The Eichers

Thank you for your Beautiful Chaos testimonial, Mrs. Eicher!

Update 6/8/18: The Eichers’ renovation is finished! Check out their beautiful modern french country home renovation in our portfolio >

Above photos taken by Spacecrafting

Hair and makeup for Mrs. Eicher by SM Hair + Makeup

Beautiful Chaos Testimonial, The Eichers

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