Decorating a home with {LOVE}

We all want to love coming home. It is our team’s amazing privilege to design + build spaces that give our clients the happiest of feelings when they walk through their front door (or side door or back door…heck all the doors❣️)

Our love-coming-home process begins with drawing inspiration from our clients to redesign a space that truly reflects each and every family we get to serve. Then, it ends with hand-picked finishing touches that transform a house into a home…one that can be lived and loved in well.

Here are some of our favorite design & styling tips so you will love coming home, too ❤️

1. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite colors.

Color trends are just that…trends. Your home is the space that should reflect {YOU}. Your favorite colors will warm your heart every time you walk through your door!

2. Words are powerful.

Words that have special meaning or inspire you, can bring so much love to your home. We incorporate a custom sign or two in almost every project. If you do not know a local sign maker, there are plenty of artists that will ship. A custom sign vendor we love is Allison Marie Design ❣️ Allison has created many of our custom signs (check out our Facebook & Instagram for loads of word inspiration!)

3. Beautiful furniture can also be comfortable.

We love sourcing really comfy pieces to furnish our client’s homes. Nobody wants to come home to a stuffy museum where things can’t actually be used. Living well in your home, will have you loving your home.

4. Decorate with items that are special to you.

Use smaller items throughout your home that remind you of the big things in life that you love and live for. We love discovering little things that have special meaning to our clients. It is so fun to add these reminders in subtle and surprising ways throughout their homes.

5. {Love} is A Verb, too.

Most of all, a home that is loved, is one that is filled with love. Whether it’s you and the dog or your family of six, love love love love love 💕

We love our job. We love serving others. We love making the world a bit more beautiful starting at home ❣️

With love,
Beautiful Chaos

All photos by Spacecrafting Photography

If you’re looking for help renovating or styling your home, we’d love to help! Please fill out this form so we can see if we’d be a good fit. Thank you in advance!

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