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It is so incredibly fun to style our client’s homes ☺️ Whether it’s after a large renovation project, or the simple restyle of one room, the reveal of our creative work is always the BEST day ever! We live for those “HGTV moments” when we get to see the expression of awe take over our client’s faces during the much anticipated moment of reveal.
Something we hear our clients say often, as they excitedly scan their newly curated spaces…
I love how beautifully decorated it is without using a ton of STUFF!


If you’re like me, the New Year is always a fun time to restyle your home. All of the Christmas decor comes down and you’re back to a clean slate! I love changing things up here in mid winter to add some spice to an otherwise blah time of year. However, this is also where my styling rule of {less is more} really comes into play.

Here are my favorite tips for how to decorate with less during the winter months!

1. Use artificial greens and florals to add lively pops of color.

In the winter months, I tend to opt for artificial as it’s a bit more difficult to keep real plants alive.

Put your artificial plants in cute containers to add color and interest. I love popping cute plants in old terra-cotta pots, galvanized containers, woven baskets and copper pieces. Also, wreaths are another great touch that bring things to life. They can easily be added to doors, mantels, walls, mudrooms, hood vents…pretty much anywhere!

2. Switch out your throw pillows and blankets.

This is such a fun way change things up, and you can store decor that gets reused each season. For example, pillow covers and throws.

In the blah winter months, I opt for tons of texture. We all love coming home from a cold day and snuggling, am I right?! I love snuggling up on the couch in a cozy blanket and soft, overstuffed pillows. Some of our clients love deep, winter woodsy hues while others prefer bright winter landscape colors. Neither is right or wrong…do what floats your boat!

3. Add a few decorative items to surface areas.

Again, less is more! I love mixing old with new, but I keep this rule a thumb for a professionally styled look. Consider some old, stacked books, a pop of greenery and a few candlesticks for a simple, yet complete look.

You are beautiful. Your home is beautiful. XO!

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