The Kleins, A Chaos Story

Our clients, the Kleins, recently shared their experiences working with us. Read their Beautiful Chaos testimonial below.

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The Kleins, A Chaos Story

“After purchasing our dream, a home on a lake, we soon became overwhelmed. It started as a cabin and had two additions built onto it. We understood there was work to be done but had no idea where to start. Was it an architect, contractor, or designer we needed??

As we drove home many evenings discussing what to do, I noticed adorable signs that read beautiful chaos. I loved the design of the signs and the words spoke to me. I wanted beauty from this chaos!! That’s where fate or faith came to the rescue.

Mark, my husband, was filling his truck with gas & noted a truck with the beautiful chaos logo doing the same. Mark told the gentleman how his wife always admired the beauty of each home they worked on and wondered if he worked for the company. Yes he did, as a matter of fact, he owned it and would be happy to come look to see what ideas he might have for us.

A chance meeting that became one of the best decisions we have ever made. We have direction for structural and decor ideas that are respectful of the budget of a couple hoping to retire in this lifetime! ?

We have someone who had the vision to pull it all together with our best interest at heart. We have ended up not only with an amazing company to work with, but people that truly feel like friends. Our home is still in construction but the chaos in my head is gone!

Kleins Beautiful Chaos Testimonial In Construction Photo

I see the vision created and can’t wait to see it come to fruition. It has been a great adventure and for those of you old enough to remember…it is our golden pond… a place designed to create memories with family and friends. Beautiful chaos not only listened to our dreams but are creating them on time and in budget.

What more can I say…we even got dinner brought to us one night when the appliances were not in! Little things that mean a lot and big things, even more. A beautiful space that can serve the dreams of sharing it! I can’t wait to see the final phase play out and our home filled with those we love now creating the joyful chaos in a space that welcomes each and everyone of them. We have been blessed!”

-Mark and Annette Klein

Thank you so much for the Beautiful Chaos testimonial, Mark and Annette! Interested in seeing how The Klein’s renovation turned out? Check out their home in our portfolio >

Our Renovation Reveal party, otherwise known as Chaos Day, was a blast! Check it out below!

Reveal Day — Hamptons House! from Beautiful Chaos on Vimeo.

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