The Hokes, A Chaos Story

We recently began working with The Hokes on their main floor renovation! See below to learn more about this family and their “Home with a View”…we’re so excited for its transformation!

What made you decide to renovate your home?

Meg Hoke: It all started with a second floor bathtub leak that ruined a section of our ceiling and rippled the hardwood floor in our kitchen below. We knew we had to have the bathtub, ceiling and floor fixed but we also thought it might be the time to do some updating that we’d been talking about for a couple of years. About that same time, I saw a Facebook friend’s post on her stunning new remodel by Beautiful Chaos (The Klein’s Lake Home). The more we looked at Beautiful Chaos’ work the more excited we became about renovating our 18 year home.

What are you most excited to change in your home and why?

MH: We are most excited about designing our dream kitchen! The kitchen is the heart of our home and we spend many hours there eating together, talking together and getting homework done. We also enjoy entertaining friends and family and look forward to making more fun memories in our new space!

What kind of style are you looking to create (if any) and why?

MH: We are looking to create a space that is functional as well as beautiful. Our style is simple and traditional and we hope to enjoy it for many years to come!

Edit May 2019: The Hokes’ renovation is done! See project >

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