Beauty in the Chaos — Laura Bellendier, Liv Skin MedSpa

For over a decade now, Sarah Martin has been an entrepreneur. In light of this, each month we speak with exceptional women entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. What are they passionate about? What drives them to be successful? What tips can they give us to start our own businesses? Each Beauty in the Chaos feature takes a look at behind the scenes of each of these gals’ lives.

This month, we interviewed Laura Bellendier, the owner, esthetician and laser specialist at Liv Skin MedSpa, located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Described as “a haven for everyday stresses,” Liv Skin began in 2017 under Bellendier’s customer-focused guidance. Read on to learn more about how she started working in skincare and what advice she can give to aspiring entrepreneurs.

How did you become involved in skincare and cosmetics?  

I was a stay-at-home mom and wanted practice speaking in front of people when I was 26, so I joined Mary Kay cosmetics thinking that it would be great practice speaking in groups of six-eight people. Later on, I joined the Mall of America opening team at the Clinique counter for five years, moved to Lancome business manager for three years and was promoted to Cosmetic Department Manager for three years.

What made you decide to open your own medical spa?  

I have always had a passion for skin and realized that…”your makeup only looks as good as your skin.”  I fell in love with how I could help women feel their very best and how I could educate them to care for their skin. I knew this would be the best gift I could give.

What is your favorite part of your job?  

As cliche as it may sound, “my clients.”  I really get into making sure they have an “epic” experience!

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs?  

Follow your heart/dreams. And when doors open, don’t second guess!

For 10 years you worked for a major skincare company and traveled extensively educating women on skin care and health around the world. Do you have a favorite memory from this experience?  

They were all unique experiences, however, I loved working in Ukraine. The women wanted to learn, they had a passion for beauty and excellence. I found that Moscow and Kiev were very interested in the American beauty regimens. They were very gracious!

What is one skin care tip you would give to women in living in Minnesota and other cold states?  

Hydrate properly, use pharmaceutical products and invest in laser! Ooops, sorry, that may be three!

Do you have any upcoming projects or events you’d like to share?  

Absolutely! Liv Skin MedSpa and Merite House of Beauty 1/10 Year Anniversary Celebration! Beauty at its best!  

Join us on March 2nd, 2018, 6:00-9:00 pm. The event is hosted by Artful Living, and proceeds will benefit Smile Network. 🙂 


Sarah had a chance to visit Liv Skin! Read about her experience, here.

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