3 Reasons Why We Loved the AutoMotorPlex/Urban Cabin Renovation


One phrase that describes our { Automotorplex } project? [[ Smoking hot baby! ]]

Three reasons why this AutoMotorPlex renovation had us racing for the finish line…


1. It was new & different

When our clients came to us to design their AutoMotorPlex renovation, not gonna lie, we didn’t exactly know what they were talking about about. But we don’t shy away from challenges and were excited to learn more! They had recently purchased a pretty large space in one of the only two AutoMotorPlex developments here in Minnesota. Just minutes from their Medina home, they wanted to build this space for many reasons. Not only would it be a place to store and wash their pretty vehicles, but it would double as an urban cabin. A fun place they could go to for family time. You mean no mess to clean up on Sunday after the game? Genius!!!

2. We had so much fun designing a space with versatile function

We met with our clients, and the husband had his main goals for the space & the wife had her own. He wanted the main level to feel like an industrial garage. Where he could drive in and wash his sport car all winter long. His sport car just happened to be black and white, clearly colors we could get behind designing around. ? Additionally, he wanted a place to lounge, maybe smoke a cigar while following the game. But at the top on his list, there was a bathroom complete with a urinal. Design a bathroom with a urinal…on it!


On the other hand, the wife was more interested in the second level. This would be the space that functioned as an urban cabin. They love to cook, watch movies, play games and put together puzzles as a family. Their two boys are getting older, so they wanted a space where they could hang with the family. Another thing that we could totally get behind! It was a bit of a challenge to fit a full kitchen, great room and bathroom on this level. But again, we were up for it.


We wanted the two different levels to feel cohesive and thoughtful in design, so, we tied them together with the most awesome staircase of all time. We used salvaged barnwood and steel pipes to give it handsome character. Like we said, smoking hot! And, I have to give credit where credit is due, the staircase was the creative design of my own handsome guy, Mr. Beautiful Chaos ?


 3. Typically, we are making homes beautiful. But this project was so handsome!

Because the AutoMotorPlex/Urban Cabin was not our clients’ actual home, we were able to push the envelope on the industrial flair. Talk about a blast! We loved selecting materials that tied the vibe together. The combination of metals, steels, rustic woods and stone gave it an ultra handsome look. We are still crushing ?


If you’re looking to renovate your AutoMotorPlex, Urban Cabin or home, we’d love to help! Please fill out this form so we can see if we’d be a good fit.

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