A Letter to My Dad

Dear Dad,

Tonight, I want to celebrate YOU – celebrate all the beautiful you have brought to this industry for almost 50 years. Thanks to you, we are here in this auditorium tonight, with grateful hearts for everything you have taught us. Not only, have you passed down four generations of skill and love for this craft, but you have gifted us with (SO) much more. All of which, I hold so very close to my heart and memories that will be stored forever in my mind’s eye. Starting from when I was a little girl – I can still see the image of you working with your leather toolbelt strapped around your waist, there you are – running your Skilsaw – I can hear the sound of the blade and smell the fresh shaved sawdust as it piled on to the ground below. Just a few years later, I can see you, as you built our family’s very own home (your dream home) – your creativity in the design was just as beautiful as your natural skill to build it with your own two hands. Later, I remember countless scenes where you taught me how to hold a paintbrush, a hammer, a screwdriver, a level, and of course how to humbly carry natural talent ? Then, there are all the homes we actually got to work on together – those memories are priceless. I will always hear your voice in the years of instruction and in all the times of encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to teach us (all that you know) and then stand back, rooting us on as our biggest fan.

During the last several years of Beautiful Chaos, you have been a constant encourager and excited for us at every turn, every project, and every accomplishment. There have been days that your encouragement has been the only thing that got me through to the next day as the challenges in this industry became incredibly intense. Dad, Beautiful Chaos is a direct extension of you – your heart and your hands. I hope that we have made you proud in every way…that (I) have made you proud in every way. We have carried on the torch of taking immense pride in the love for this craft. And, even more than that, exuding great love while serving others in creating beautiful and functional homes for them. You were the BEST example of this. Finally, thank you for teaching us to serve God with all our hearts in everything we do. That has been the secret to our sauce!

Whether we win an award tonight or not – in my heart, we have it all…because we had you…the BEST to show us how it’s done.

Thank you dad for everything. I love you so very much!!



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