The Benedicts, A Chaos Story

The Benedicts hold a special place in our heart because we have worked with them on not one, but TWO home renovations!

After building their home in Orono in 2004, they recently decided to move to a new space. Now, we are in the midst of renovating their new home, which we call our “Homestead Farm” project. We are so excited to unveil their new place next month!

Read Debbie Benedict’s experiences working with us below ❤

homestead kitchen for the Benedicts
The Homestead Farm!
How did you hear about Beautiful Chaos?

I met Sarah almost three years ago at the Mamas Happy fall festival. I was looking for some advice on chalk paint colors when I struck up a conversation with Sarah. There was just something about her that stood out to me and I loved the name of her company. We hit it off right away! I noticed on her business card that she did styling, so I asked her to come over and spruce up my boring master bedroom and dining room. I was so pleased with the simple changes she made.

Fast forward a few months later, and I asked Sarah and the Beautiful Chaos team to help me renovate our entire second floor! It turned out so beautiful, way beyond my wildest expectations. The quality of the teams finish work is also outstanding. You know they are going to do things the right way and that’s so important in remodeling/construction!

Your first home, a timberframe, was styled much differently than your new one will be. What made you trust us to renovate & style your new home, which is more of a farmhouse? What has the process been like?

Sarah has an incredible eye for design! I knew I could trust her to make my new home as beautiful as my old one. What started out as a simple kitchen island remodel turned into a much more comprehensive kitchen remodel along with new paint, lighting and entire home styling. Sarah is definitely a trooper, even staying up late one night (and sending me a video of the process!) to come up with the perfect stain color for my new kitchen island. I can’t wait to see the finished product, it’s going to be gorgeous. She goes the extra mile in finding exactly what she’s looking for even if she has to do it herself!

The Benedicts
The Benedicts ❤
What’s your favorite part about working with our Chaos?

It’s just so exciting seeing all the hard work and long hours come to fruition.  There is always a bit (or a lot!) of chaos involved in remodeling but the beautiful designs and finished product is so worth it in the end.  Trust the process and the team!

Has working with the team changed at all over the years?

Well they have definitely grown in size and scope but that hasn’t changed how you are treated as a client. I feel so blessed to have met Sarah and the Beautiful Chaos Team. They are my second family❤

Would you renovate a third home? (Haha ?)

Ask me in about 10 years?

That’s not a no, right?!

Thank you to Debbie for sharing her Chaos Story! After working with her for three years, the Benedicts have certainly become part of the Beautiful Chaos family ?

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